¿What is network security?

Network security refers to policies, practices and technology that prevent attacks on organizations’ networks and accessible network resources.

Why you should worry about the security of your network

Today, perimeter security, both internal and external, is fundamental for companies. Cyber attacks have a growing trend in recent years that can affect the operation and progress of a company at critical levels. A great majority of threats originate from within the company by employees who do not find any type of restriction to send information to the Internet or who by default install connectors that allow the attacker to open the door while they browse freely on pages that are not regularly related to business activities.

So, if you want to have a greater vision of your network and know how safe it is, we will support you with the analysis of your network, with which, depending on the analysis that is generated, we can diagnose, what kind of security is the most recommended, for your business or need.

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